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Electronics and Electromagnetism Laboratory


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Key figures

Key statistics

46  Persons work in L2E :


20  Teachers-researchers

4    Staffs of supports for the research

6    Comment-PhD student or the others

5    External PhD students

10  Internal PhD students

1    Emeritus professor


(figures 09/2019)


Physical address

Campus de Jussieu, Aile 65-66, 1er et 2ème étages, Boîte courrier 252

4 place Jussieu 75252 PARIS CEDEX 05



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The L2E (UR2) is a research unit of SORBONNE UNIVERSITENouvelle fenêtre, and belongs to the Faculty of Engineering (UFR 919Nouvelle fenêtre). The research activities of L2E aim to provide a range of analysis methods and models to explain phenomena of electromagnetics wave propagation in complex environments, and innovative or disruptive electronic solutions to meet specific needs expressed in the domains of telecommunication, health, defense, aerospace and automotive industry.



The L2E focuses its research at three different scales, each one being a scientific theme. An additional transverse theme is dedicated to biomedical applications and constitutes a structuring element between the different research activities made at L2E.


The micro and nanometric scale is investigated in the MINA theme and deals with the performance's improvement of electronic, opto-electronic and mecatronic systems.




The millimeter and sub-millimeter scale is investigated in the P-SYS theme and deals with connected systems in the personal and human body environments.




The centimetric and metric scale treated in the MEDRA theme, concerns the development and exploitation of electromagnetic (EM) models for ground observation and surveillance.



The transverse biomedical theme ABILE, fed by the three vertical themes, proposes to implement nex concepts and ad hoc solutions to add in the analysis, assist the practitioner and take care of the patient.





For all these themes, the L2E has developed very complementary skills in domains such as the micro and the nano electronics, the microwaves and RF systems, radio over fiber technology (RoF), the electromagnetism and instrumentation. Its originality is based mainly on this multidisciplinary research which enhances the emergence of cross-funtional projects and genesis of new research fields.


In the frame of national and international research projects, many academic and industrial labs are business with the L2E. These relationships are motived by the capability of the L2E to solve key problems in the fields of telecommunication and medecine and to contribute to innovation.


L2E has many skills in :

- micro and nano electronics,

- connected systems and localization,

- bioelectromagnetism and EMC,

- antennas and radar


Research activities led within the L2E are in close interactions with many industrial sectors such as :

- biomedecine

- aerospace, defense,

- telecommunication.